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I Spy With My Little Eye . . .

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Watch Where We Go This Year!

As kids, most of us played “I spy,” had games of hide-and-go-seek, or desperately searched for Waldo. If you play games like that enough, your eye gets pretty quick and can notice where people hide right away or where the red and white striped man is on the page. But you don’t need a sharp eye to keep track of Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning this year – you’ll need a fast one.

We’re looking forward to a year full of powerful growth and productivity. We’ve already received numerous awards from Entrepreneur Magazine, the Franchise Business Review, and, all a testament to what Oxi Fresh has been able to accomplish as a carpet cleaning company. We were ranked #126 out of the Franchise 500 – a very high rank when you consider the thousands and thousands of franchising systems available. Continue Reading post – I Spy With My Little Eye . . .

Post-Super Bowl Problems

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Oxi Fresh's Post-Super Bowl Tips

Everyone can agree that the Super Bowl is fun. Lots of food, time with friends, the tension of watching the game, and the celebrations/grieving that comes when the game is over. Of course, not everything is great about the Super Bowl.  The aftermath of upset stomachs, minor injuries, and dirty carpets can make us regret the party.

Don’t worry about that last one, since Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning can get rid of stains and dirty without a problem – but we can’t clean away an upset stomach. So what should you do if you’ve eaten too many hot wings? Well, you’ve first got to recognize your enemy – capsaicin. This chemical is in most spicy food and makes spicy food deliciously hot, but also leaves you cramped and cursing

The s0lution? Dairy products. The fat content of milk/cheese/sour-cream/ice cream will help break the bonds capsaicin has formed in your mouth and will help soothe your stomach. The result may not be instantaneous, but it should help. Of course, if you’ve simply eaten too much, you’re just going to have to let time run it’s course. Continue Reading post – Post-Super Bowl Problems

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