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Carpet – Not Flat Anymore

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A common misconception, and one I fall into on occasion, is that carpets have to be boring. Yes, they can be soulless and bland a lot of the time, but to be fair there’s a lot of floor to cover. Not every square inch can be art – especially since that would make it difficult for carpet cleaners. But for every dozen homes that has six rooms of beige, cut pile carpet, there’s one with a gorgeous Persian area rug or a hand-dyed rug from Peru. Then, for every hundred homes out there, you find fun carpets like this monster rug below. This beautiful monstrosity from Joshua Ben Longo was made about five years ago and has been scaring children ever since. Continue Reading post – Carpet – Not Flat Anymore

The AllBusiness AllStars

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Why does it have a halo?

Oxi Fresh - An AllBusiness AllStar

In the business world, you can calculate statistics about your company, its profits, losses, growth, etc., and then compare that to industry averages. That¬† can give you some important numbers, but it’s not quiet the same as getting an “official” ranking. Maybe it’s our competitive nature, but we like it when third parties take the time to analyze the industry and calculate where we stand amongst all other franchises. It’s a great way to judge our progress, seeing how far we’ve come and how far we’ve left to go. That’s why we here at Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning were very pleased when ranked us #176 out of their top three hundred franchises! is a site devoted to helping entrepreneurs and small businesses succeed by providing them with business journals, blogs, and and free business forms. And since franchises are one of the most popular things for entrepreneurs to invest in, once a year the site ranks the top franchising systems in America. It judges them based on “unit growth rate, financial strength, system size, years in business, years franchising, availability of financing, and Web (brand) visibility.” Using this information, it figures out the overall quality of each franchising system and, we’re proud to say, that we ranked in three of their major categories this year.

Continue Reading post – The AllBusiness AllStars

It’s All About the List – Oxi Fresh and the Franchise 500

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People like lists. Whether it’s a top ten, a list of recent award winners, a “Six Things You Didn’t Know” list, a compilation of the best songs from a decade, or any other number of lists, we just eat them up. Why do we like them so much?

It has to be that these lists are condensed interest. The author handpicks, out of a vast sea of information, the most captivating ideas/facts/videos/etc. and combines them for us into fast, easy to digest factoids. You don’t have to spend an hour surfing the web for fun facts about ______ when there’s a nice top ten already waiting for you.

To be fair, though, lists aren’t just frivolous, fun things. Often they serve as important tools, helping readers to quickly and effectively learn, discover trends, or do any number of tasks. And an extremely useful list for entrepreneur’s is the Franchise 500, put out by Entrepreneur magazine every year. It’s a compilation of the top 500 franchises currently available, based on growth rate, longevity, years franchising, financial stability, and numerous other factors. Getting on this list is quite an honor, especially when you consider the thousands of franchising systems out there.

Last year, Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning ranked #391 – not bad. For their 2011 rankings, though, we rose 265 places in their ranking to #126! This enormous leap in the ranking reflects Oxi Fresh’s strong growth, excellent stability, consistent quality, and commitment to it’s franchisee’s success. Of course, Oxi Fresh didn’t just stay on the Franchise 500 list.

Entrepreneur also runs simultaneous rankings for Fastest Growing, Top Home Based, Top New, and Top Low Cost franchises. Oxi Fresh ranked in each of these! For Top New they were ranked #3, for Fastest Growing they were ranked #63, for Low Cost they were ranked #26, and for Top Home Based they were ranked #34. It’s quite astonishing to be ranked so highly in some many categories, and Oxi Fresh couldn’t be more pleased.

Follow the link for more information about Oxi Fresh and it’s,carpet cleaners

If you’d like to know more about the awards this green carpet cleaning company has received, click here.

Baa Baa Baa!

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Oxi Fresh and Wool Carpet Cleaning

You’ll have to excuse me, my sheep-impression has been somewhat lacking of late. I have been working hard at it, but it’s just difficult to get trill my “ah’s” the way our fuzzy friends do. But besides my usual tendency to rave on about random subjects, why am I talking about sheep? Because Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning has now received approval to clean them – or rather, their wool.

More specifically, the WoolSafe Organization has given their seal of approval to Oxi Fresh after our cleaning solutions passed their tests for wool cleaning effectiveness and safety. Needless to say, we’re very happy with this. Why? Well, for nearly twenty years, WoolSafe has been focused on promoting safe, quality care for wool carpets – and to receive their approval is quite an honor. Continue Reading post – Baa Baa Baa!

It’s Magic!

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Arthur C. Clarke, one of the father’s of science fiction, once wrote that “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Now, he was actually giving advice to other science fiction authors, but his words apply to most people. How so? Well, do you know how a cell phone works. Yes, you use it to make phone calls, but do you know how it works? How the signals are sent through the phone, how the buttons trigger reactions on the screen, how it can recognize, interpret, and instantaneously respond to a human touching the screen?

Or, perhaps most important of all, how your words are transferred from tiny device to towers or satellites and, with hardly a delay or distortion, are transmitted to a single other cellphone among billions of other phones?¬† I don’t – they’re a mystery to me. It’s startling when you begin to think about just how much of your life is affected by forces you don’t understand, and how those that we do understand are swiftly changing to become incomprehensible to us. So, in order to remove some of that confusion, we here are at Oxi Fresh carpet cleaning are going to explain how one thing is made, so you can move that from the “Magic” to the “Technology” column. So let’s look at how carpets are made! Continue Reading post – It’s Magic!

Beyond the Office

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Yay! Sofas!

Upholstery Cleaning with Oxi Fresh

You can’t know everyone. There are just too many people and not enough time. Heck, most of us don’t even know everyone we work with. Yeah, we can spend eight or more hours a day sharing a building, a floor, or even a row of cubicles, but unless work causes our paths to cross or we make an intentional effort, we may not interact with them more than the occasional “Hello.” Sometimes we really don’t even know the people with whom we spend a good amount of time. It’s just easy to forget that Bob from Accounting has a life outside his job.

And no, I’m not being critical – every day we interact with lots of people and remembering all the details would be nigh on impossible. The same is true of businesses. You may go to a certain store every day to pick up one item and therefore miss the wide variety of products they offer. And if you’ve only just heard of Oxi Fresh or perhaps used them in the past, you may not know much about us. Hopefully, though, you know that we provide high quality carpet cleanings that dry quickly and are safe for the environment. But carpets aren’t the only thing we clean. Just like Bob from Accounting, we have hobbies outside of our chief job. Continue Reading post – Beyond the Office

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