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All Year Round

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One thing most of us are used to at this point is round the clock service for, well, just about everything. Many of our grocery store chains are open twenty-four seven, Wal-Marts almost never close their doors, fast food restaurants are either open at all hours or are open so late that they’re practically open 24/7. And even if a store isn’t open at all hours, generally they’ll close pretty late in the day, giving you more than enough time to get what you need done. This, of course, isn’t true of every business. Carpet cleaners generally don’t schedule 2 AM carpet cleanings.

But even though Oxi Fresh isn’t doing around the clock carpet cleanings, it does do cleanings all year round. Okay, maybe that doesn’t sound terribly impressive. It’s sounds a bit like saying, “Not only does my car have wheels, but it goes too.” So let me clarify: Oxi Fresh cleans year round, giving you that fast drying carpet cleaning even in the dead of winter. Ah, now that makes the difference. Continue Reading post – All Year Round

Out with the Old, In with the New, Left with the Current, Right with the Passe

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Welcome in the New Year with an Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning!

Or at least that’s how I assume the phrase is supposed to go. But as you’re moving the old out and bring the new this New Year, you need to spend some time in contemplation. No, not on your life, your good or bad deeds, who you’ve loved and who you’ve slighted.

Those all are secondary to the most important consideration of all – your carpets. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating. Still, your carpet is an important investment and making plans to take care of it in the New Year can end up saving you quite a bit. How so? Well, it’s cheaper to maintain a carpet then it is to replace it and if you don’t care for your carpet, you’ll cut down it’s lifespan by years.

In order to help  your carpet throughout 2011, there are several things you need to do: Continue Reading post – Out with the Old, In with the New, Left with the Current, Right with the Passe

In the Green

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In case we haven’t made it clear, Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning is all about being green. It starts with our emphasis on water conservation. Unlike many carpet cleaners, our cleaning system is not dependent on using large amounts of water; generally we use about two gallons to clean an average home. How can we do that? Because it is not the water that is doing most of the cleaning, but rather our oxygenated, safe cleaning solutions. This, in conjunction with our machines, leads to a cleaning that is not only extremely effective but also saves between 38-58 gallons of water per home (compared to traditional hot water extraction methods/steam cleaning).

Then there’s our energy conservation practices. You see, since we don’t have to pump in, extract, or drive around with lots of water, and that means we don’t have to use nearly as much energy than others. Plus, most cleaners have to leave their car on in order to power their equipment, and that means a lot of wasted gas. All Oxi Fresh needs is a wall outlet. And as an added bonus, our low moisture system means you don’t have to leave windows or doors open to help with drying. Your carpets will be dry after about an hour.

But, as I said earlier, we’ve already made it clear how our green carpet cleaning works – so why bring it up? Well, because Entrepreneur magazine published their list of important franchising trends for 2011 and, like last year, “Green” was one of their trends. They also cited a few examples of franchises who exemplify this trend and Oxi Fresh was one of them! This is actually the second year in a row we’ve been cited by Entrepreneur as an example, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. You can read more by heading over to this press release.

Happy Holidays!

6 Things You Don’t Know About Carpets

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You walk on them every day, spill your food on them, call Oxi Fresh for carpet cleaning to make them look good, and spend significant amounts of money replacing them. Yet despite all the time you spend with carpets, how much do you know about them? Probably not too much – after all, the history of carpet cleaning doesn’t usually interest people. After all, there are a lot more interesting subjects, but I dug down deep and managed to scrounge a few fun facts out of the rather dry history of carpets:

The World's Oldest Pile Carpet

The Pazyryk Carpet

1. The World’s Oldest Pile Carpet

Where modern carpets can last over 10,000 years in landfills, the total number of truly ancient carpets out there is very small. That really shouldn’t besurprising, though, since they were made of materials they easily degrade. Amazingly, though, a carpet that’s two and half millennia old has survived. The Pazyryk carpet was found in a funeral mound in the the 1940′s and is, despite it’s age, remarkably well preserved. Normally we recommend carpet protector, but this one doesn’t seem to need it. Continue Reading post – 6 Things You Don’t Know About Carpets

Picking Your Carpet – The Padding

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The time has come to talk of carpet replacement. Over many years with your carpet, through countless spills, stains, and accidents, you’ll one day feel like that it’s time for a new carpet. Yes, you’ve had Oxi Fresh come out for many carpet cleanings – and we’ve done a good job with our fast drying carpet cleaning – but the carpet just looks and feels worn. But where do you begin when it comes to getting a carpet replaced and what should you do to help make your carpet last longer?

Well, besides regular, green carpet cleanings and carpet protector, choosing the right kind of carpeting and padding will make all the difference. But before we delve into the various carpet types available to you, let’s focus on the often ignored carpet pad.  The carpet pad is designed to absorb footfalls, make the carpets feel softer, and decrease stress on people’s feet and back while walking. Without one, the carpet itself would be set on the hard floors – something not even the cushiest of carpets could hide. Continue Reading post – Picking Your Carpet – The Padding

Combat Entropy through Carpet Cleaning

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The second law of thermodynamics deals with entropy – namely that “In any closed system the entropy of the system will either remain constant or increase.” In layman’s terms, entropy is a measure of disorder. The higher the entropy, the higher the disorder. This means the second law says that, unless maintained, things inevitably fall apart.

Depressing, isn’t it? Well the same idea of entropy can be applied to our own lives. If you don’t put energy into your life, it will fall apart. Dishes pile up, dirt gathers, jobs are lost, and things become a mess. If you put energy into your life, though, things are maintained and can even be improved. The same is true of your carpet. If you don’t put any effort into maintaining it -  getting Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleanings, vacuuming, etc. – it’ll fall apart. If you do work at keeping it healthy, it will last much longer. Continue Reading post – Combat Entropy through Carpet Cleaning

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