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CBS4 New Interview with Oxi Fresh’s Chuck Kules

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It’s not everyday we get on the news and we’re really pleased when we get the chance to tell people about the great advantages with Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning. About a week ago one of our very own franchise owners – Charles (or Chuck as he prefers) Kules – was featured on CBS 4 Denver’s Project Green segment. This regular part of their broadcast, which focuses on green events, news, and companies in the Colorado area, was focused on finding out more about how Oxi Fresh’s low moisture system is helping the environment and helping customers.

I know we’ve mentioned how little water we used compared to hot water extraction cleaning, but during the interview Chuck demonstrated just what that difference looks like. He had 40 gallon bottles arranged on the floor, illustrating just how much water steam cleaners pump into a carpet. From that he picked out two bottles – that’s all Oxi Fresh needs to clean. Of course that’s not all he did, otherwise it would have been a rather short interview. He also spoke about where fast-drying carpet cleaning methods came from originally and ho we received the EPA’s Design for the Environment seal on one of our chief cleaning products. But why read about it when you can watch!

Jonathan Barnett and Experience Pros Radio

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As Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning continues to grow, more and more people are starting to notice it.  Angel and Eric, with Experience Pros Radio on 560 AM The Source (Denver), are among those people and they held an interview with Jonathan Barnett, Oxi Fresh’s founder and president. Their interview with Jonathan, who they called “a rising star” in the franchising world, touches on numerous topics and helps explain why Oxi Fresh has been able to grow so quickly and become such a strong company.

Of course, we don’t want to spoil the interview for you, so we’ll just touch on one point – how Jonathan got started. Did you know that, even as a child, he had been interested in business? He points to his grandfather, also an entrepreneur, as one of his major inspirations for going into the business world. From there he studied business in college (while owning and operating multiple firework stands) and moved onto graduate school where he purchased a basketball franchise. Jonathan has always been looking for new opportunities – I guess we have his grandfather to thank for that one! But all of this is just one small part of the interview with Eric and Angel – so here’s the rest of it!

Happy Thanksgi – Oh Why Did You Spill That!

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Thanksgiving and Christmas are barreling down us like a demented turkey riding a reindeer. Soon we’ll be attending and throwing seasonal parties, meeting old friends, and greeting family. In all of this we’ll be eating, drinking, and generally making merry, but one problem with all of this merry is the unfortunate consequences it can have on our carpet. Too many people are holding too many glasses of punch and as soon as they bump someone else, the drink will go flying. Or if it’s food your dealing with, that chutney covered cracker can quickly fall to the carpet, making a new stain.

So how do you deal with the problems that Turkey Day and Christmas/Hanukkah? Well, there are several ways to help keep your home clean and the first and here they are: Continue Reading post – Happy Thanksgi – Oh Why Did You Spill That!

How To Help Your Indoor Air Quality

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Winter’s coming and for most of us that means keeping the windows and doors shut so as to keep out the cold. Unfortunately, that means a lot of dust, pollutants, allergens, and other nasty things end up stuck inside with us for months. Fortunately, there are many ways to combat this problem and we recommend you start implementing them now.  After all, come December, Rudolph’s the only one who should have a red nose – not you. Continue Reading post – How To Help Your Indoor Air Quality

The Denver Business Journal and Oxi Fresh

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In past blog posts we’ve talked about Jonathan Barnett and his remarkable accomplishment in creating a company as a young man, and, even more remarkable, making it profitable very quickly. But what’s great is that others are beginning to show interest in his accomplishment – namely the Denver Business Journal and their writer Bruce Goldberg. A few weeks ago they published an article about Jonathan, giving a brief overview of his accomplishments. I just wanted to share a few excerpts with you, so you can get an idea of the article as a whole.

The entrepreneurial Jonathan Barnett is only 30, but he’s found the key to cleaning up in business.

Carpet cleaning, that is. He started the Lakewood-based Oxi Fresh in 2006, and the business has grown extraordinarily fast to 211 locations nationwide. The company owns four of them, and 140 franchisees own the rest.

“And we want to grow by 40 to 60 franchises a year,” he says, adding that eventually, Oxi Fresh will expand to other countries, starting with Canada and Australia.”

Oxi Fresh says it differs from competitors because because its low-moisture cleaning agent enables carpets to dry in one hour, far less than the standard 24 or more hours that other methods require. Continue Reading post – The Denver Business Journal and Oxi Fresh

Right Off the Bat – Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning

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It’s rare for people to have success the first time they start a new job or hobby. The first time a painter picks up a brush, a writer grabs a pen, or a pianist touches the keys, don’t expect their inherent genius to flow forth. That sort of success generally doesn’t appear until after years of blood, sweat, and tears. Unfortunately, new businesses are often in a similar position, where success and profit seem a long ways off. Many owners burnout before they overcome this obstacle, making it one of the greatest challenges a company will face.

When an Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning franchise starts we know that they will face a similar challenge, especially since they have to compete against the other carpet cleaning companies out there. But as part of our continuing goal to provide the best possible franchise support, we’ve been working to help others overcome this hurdle via a marketing strategy that gives our new franchisees the edge they need. One of the key features of this plan is signing our new owners up for Groupon – an company that offers  great deals made possible through the power of group buying. People love these offers and usually hundreds are bought. This is not only a welcome influx of income for the franchisees, but, more importantly, it introduces a lot of people to the amazing and deep cleaning of Oxi Fresh! Continue Reading post – Right Off the Bat – Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning

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