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“Water, Water, Everywhere”

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Most everyone knows that the earth’s surface is seventy percent water (largely undrinkable), humans are 70% water, and that (surprise, surprise) clean drinking water is always in demand. These are pretty basic facts that even most schoolkids could tell you.  But something most people don’t realize is just how much water we can end up wasting on a daily basis if we’re not careful. Running the sink while we brush our teeth, letting the shower run a minute or two before we get in, washing dishes using running water rather than filling up the sink basin a little. All of these things lead to a loss of clean water.

And a big perpetrator of excess water use – and consequent waste – are carpet cleaning companies.  The traditional carpet cleaning method most people know as “steam cleaning” is actually more accurately described as hot water extraction. The cleaners will use around 60 gallons of water in order to clean a normal home. Quite a bit of that water is left in carpet, and the rest, when pulled out, is considered gray water. It’s full of chemicals, dirt, and contaminants. Generally this has to be disposed of, which means a lot of water is wasted. Continue Reading post – “Water, Water, Everywhere”

Three Witnesses and an Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning

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No, this isn’t a bad sitcom title – though it’s name is close enough to some of the ones television producers have forced us to endure. Actually, what’s being referenced is quite a bit older than situational comedies. What I’m talking about is the ancient Hebrew law requiring at least two witnesses, whose stories matched up, in order to prosecute someone  for murder. One person wouldn’t be enough to convict someone in cases that severe, two was the minimum and three was better. So why am I mentioning this? Well, from this concept we can learn that before making an important decision, it’s always good to get advice and evidence from multiple sources.

That’s why it’s great that Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning has three different kinds of testimonials on our site – residential customer testimonialscommercial client testimonials, and franchisee testimonials.  We wanted to provide all of these in case a person, business, or potential investor wanted to know about us rather than some other carpet cleaning companies.  After all, if you’re making a decision about an important part of your home (your carpets), we want to provide you with the best information possible. Continue Reading post – Three Witnesses and an Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning – A Proud Parent

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Most parents love showing off their kids. Whether their bragging about John’s game winning hit, Jane’s amazing performance, or something else, they generally won’t shut up. But who can blame them? They love their kids and are genuinely proud of what they’ve done. Likewise, here at Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning, we sometimes get that proud parent syndrome where we have to brag about our company – and there’s quite a bit to brag about.  Admittedly, we haven’t won a soccer game recently or performed well in a play, but we have won multiple franchise awards.

Let’s start by looking at a ranking most new franchising companies, carpet cleaning companies especially, would like to have – The Fast 55. Every year, the Franchise Times, in conjunction with FranData, puts together a list of the 55 fastest growing new franchises. Given the huge number of  new franchises out there, to even make it on this list – anywhere on this list – is a feat. Oxi Fresh was #9 for their 2010 rankings, with a growth rate of over 650%. That’s pretty darn good, isn’t it? Imagine a parents giddiness when they see their child beating their opponents by a margin of 65o%.

Continue Reading post – Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning – A Proud Parent

Getting to Know You . . . Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning

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There are also a lot of bad ways to get to know someone – only learning about them through gossip, being told what to think about them, or hearing about their arrest over the radio. None of those things are great ways to get to know someone. Thankfully, there are a lot of good ways to get to know someone. Having a conversation over coffee, going to see a movie and discussing it afterward, or just by observing him or her in day to day life. These sort of actions can give you true insight into someone and their personality.  So how do you get to know your carpet cleaning company?

Well, obviously Oxi Fresh and you can’t meet for coffee (we’re trying to limit our caffeine intake) and we don’t see a lot of movies, I guess we’ll have to come up with some better options. We’ll, there’s always the blog we’re on right now. Here, you can ask any questions you have about our post or just questions about us, carpet cleaning services, or any other subject. Plus, we’re always trying to post useful, fun articles that are easy to read and helpful!

Continue Reading post – Getting to Know You . . . Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning

@oxifresh is Giving $150 Carpet Cleaning Gift Cert. to 75th RT! RT Now! #contest

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Yes, you heard it correctly. Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning is running a contest on Twitter, and it is so easy to enter!

The 75th person to retweet this tweet will win:

@oxifresh is giving $150 Carpet Cleaning Gift Cert. to 75th RT! RT now to Win! #contest

Simply retweet the tweet above for your chance to win! To retweet this post you can either copy and paste the text into your Twitter account or click the Tweet button below.

If you happen to be the 75th person to retweet this post you will receive $150 worth of carpet cleaning for your residence or business!

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Keep your eye on the @oxifresh Twitter account for more special promotions and industry expert information getting out the toughest stains!

Keep your house, carpets and furniture clean with Oxi Fresh!

Continue Reading post – @oxifresh is Giving $150 Carpet Cleaning Gift Cert. to 75th RT! RT Now! #contest

The Fall of Carpet Cleaning

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Fall is beautiful . . . and messy.

Carpet Cleaning and the Fall

No, I’m not actually talking about the end of carpet cleaning as we know it – I’m talking about Fall, aka Autumn.  Fall is fast approaching, with it’s “official start date” being on September 22nd, the Autumnal Equinox.  Soon, the leaves will start changing colors and falling, making brightly colored messes all over our lawns. Of course, some areas will see the changes sooner than others, some may see very little change, but one thing is fairly universal across the board: Fall is bad news for carpets.

But why would such a beautiful season be so damaging to your favorite floors? Well, let’s start by looking at the weather.  Everyone knows that Fall means lower temperatures, less sunlight, and more moisture – or rather, moisture that isn’t immediately evaporated by the Summer heat. These three things by themselves are not great for carpets.  Getting your carpets wet due to foot-traffic, and then having the carpets not getting as much heat and sunlight means there is an increased chance of mold and mildew forming. That’s something not even a carpet cleaning company wants to deal with, much less you. Continue Reading post – The Fall of Carpet Cleaning

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